Studio to rent in Barcelona- Pros and cons

Many people need to move to places where they start a new phase, completely alone or even with their partner. These may be students, singles or divorced people, newlyweds, professionals who are starting to work in another city, among others. In this sense, the best way to take these first steps is to start by looking for a small property, such as studio to rent in Barcelona where you will have the opportunity to adapt to that different living environment that is just beginning.

So, for those who prefer to pay less in rent, but still maintain their own lifestyle and not waste their privacy, there is no doubt that a studio apartment can be the ideal space they need.

However, there may be advantages and disadvantages to this type of property. Therefore, we wanted to bring you information about the pros and cons that are usually present when renting a studio apartment. Let’s see what they are about and how to know what is most convenient for those who are thinking of moving to a place with these characteristics.

Pros of renting a studio

Best Price

Being able to find an apartment rental that fits any budget, will depend on the location, but especially on the type of property. The cheapest rents are those that include a studio apartment in relation to the more complete ones.

Total privacy

Studio apartments are perfect for young adults who need to live alone, without a family or roomies, but at the same time do not want all their income to be used to pay the rent.

Different options

Today the variety of options in this type of housing is great within the real estate market. You can find one room, located in buildings with terrace or pool, equipped inside with facilities such as tapanco, hammocks or small corners decorated for leisure.

They include furniture

Most of this studio rental offers that they are furnished, with pieces for small spaces, either bars, chairs, beds, armchairs or appliances.

Very practical

They are usually easy to clean, it is possible to change rooms and divide them as desired using elements such as screens, sliding doors or curtains.

Cons when renting a studio

  • They are rented out quickly so there are not many regular offers.
  • It can be very little space for those who are not used to it.
  • Limited facilities to receive guests in case you want to have a meeting or a party.
  • Not suitable for all needs.

Let’s remember that, these places are characterized by the lack of wide environments. It doesn’t usually have rooms, as well as more than one bathroom. The kitchen comprises only the basics, if any. Normally the tenants must improvise areas for their greater comfort.

Therefore, they are not the best places for families with children or more than 1 or 2 people to live. However, for those who like to live comfortably in less space alone or with a partner, this type of housing is ideal.

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