Olmo Cuarón: A Happy and Fulfilled Writer of Short Stories /Story on Autism Triumphs in Festivals

Olmo Cuarón feels happy and fortunate of having achieved his greatest and incredible dream: becoming a writer of short stories.

Ever since he was four years old, he dreamt of writing his own stories, those that would easily pop up in his imagination.

Olmo Cuarón yearned to be a writer. This was his greatest passion and his most honest calling since he was a young boy.

He would not get bored if he had pencils and piles of paper around him, rather he would go into this world of writing with an indescribable frenzy.

The Writer Olmo Cuarón

During his professional trajectory, he has written all kinds of short stories. Some have been immortalized in the minds of its readers and others have established him as a genius author.

For Olmo Cuarón there is nothing more satisfying in life than writing. He simply feels a fascination out of this world when he sits down to capture his stories on paper.

In this moment, his greatest wish is to keep continue being clearheaded and having his creativity close to the surface. This way he will continue writing short stories that will continue making many people smile.

In short, Olmo Cuarón plans to continue writing until the sunset of his life. That is his most sincere aspiration and his most beautiful dream.

Story on Autism Triumphs in Festivals

A moving Story on Autism Triumphs in Festivals. It is based on the facts of a true story and has received positive reviews.

This story is about the life of Ema, a girl with autism that has faced many difficulties at an educational level.

The film is called “Una escuela en Cerro Hueso” (A School in Cerro Hueso) and it describes Ema’s parents experience who struggle to find a school that will accept their daughter with autism.

This film won two special acknowledgements in the most recent German Berlinale, and it is also worth noting that it participated in the 36th Film Festival of Mar del Plata.

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