Train ticket to Barcelona: an outstanding option for holidays

Traveling is culture and if you are on vacation it is the best way of taking advantage of it. In the occasion ok touring Europe, you should not miss the chance of purchasing a train ticket to Barcelona. This is the capital and also the greatest metropolis of Catalonia, southeast region of Spain.

Barcelona combines interesting factors of a unique way, making it incredibly attractive, independently of your age and particular wishes. For example:

  • If you think history is important, the oldest sectors are for you. Remainders of several conquests and architectural styles occurred since its beginnings are there.
  • Diverse sport activities are offered to energetic people.
  • Stylish discothèques will make the nocturnal delightful of who likes staying up all night long, dancing, eating and drinking delicious cocktails.
  • But if you prefer the beach, the most beautiful ones equipped with the necessary facilities are waiting for you on the Mediterranean coast.

Once there don’t omit the Sacred Family Basilica. This is the first attraction in the city and curiously it has not been finished yet. The idea is that is going to be ready in 2026. Antoni Gaudí, a renowned architect designed the modern and famous Park Güell. The Gothic sector is full of alleys with many churches, markets and squares. In some of them the old Roman walls are exposed to the sight.

Las Ramblas is the most famed road of town. Enjoy street art and feel the vibration while walking along this way. Mountain and Castle of Montjuic, an antique military fort, will allow you to appreciate the downtown and the port from the height.

To finish this description but not the options available in Barcelona, visit the Magical Fountain, an excellent spectacle of light and music projected over water. As you can see, you are forced to go there by train, plane, ship or car. I swear you; you will never forget that experience!

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