Package holidays to India: to live a unique and unforgettable experience

If you are tired of doing every vacation the same trips and willing to run new adventures knowing millenarian cultures, our recommendation is that you and your beloved ones get package holidays to India. The vocabulary gets short to produce sufficient and appropriate words able to describe this marvelous country.

India is a South Asia nation considered a subcontinent because is huge. It occupies the seventh position according to its area and the second if we are referring to the number of inhabitants (higher than one billion). Its geography includes the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas, with its famous Everest.

New Delhi is the capital but you should not left without going to Mumbai and incredible city where everything can happen. Here there is a balance between the oldest and sacred traditions and the modern technologies and buildings. Its streets face simultaneously millionaires with lavish suits walking side by side with individual extremely poor and starving.

Odors, colors, sounds, a rich and heterogeneous assortment that can make you feel dizzy of happiness and expectation. Their cuisine is varied, spicy and delicious and don’t be surprise seeing individuals eating with their hands. It is part of the fecund and noticeable culture, but pieces of silverware are available for visitors.

The official language is Hindi but due to their mixed origin everybody speaks English. The main religion is Hinduism; nonetheless Islamism and Christianity are very popular too. A curious thing, you should be prepared to see Indians gesticulating in opposite direction to agree with you. It can be funny and a little confusing.

These holidays enrich your life in India, a place where people is exceptionally warm and kind. Bollywood, the Taj Mahal which is an amazing love monument, fantastic festivals and much more are waiting for you in the elephant, tiger and monkey land. A trip is not enough.

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